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My name is JANE NYOIKE, born, raised and educated in Nairobi – Kenya.
I come from a very humble back ground. My dad was a teacher, and my mum worked in a renowned pharmaceutical company based in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. I have a sister and two brothers all residing in Nairobi. September 24th of 1997 I moved to the Arabian Gulf (Doha-Qatar) in search of greener pastures. I worked in the hospitality industry for couple of years until I met the love of my heart. We tied the note in Doha, and later moved to Canada in the year 2000 I will never forget my first encounter with SNOW!! I remember while in school learning the world geography and seeing pictures of snow in the book but not in real life. “Wow” this was something!! I couldn’t wait to touch it. And I did!


You never believe that HIV can touch your life. I didn’t. And then when I was still living in Kenya, it hit my best friend who was a successful fashion designer in African Attire, and a mother of a beautiful girl. She later died. It was then I knew that I had to do something. The dresses and handmade accessories you see in my store represent Hope and the future. They are made by the women in Africa who are left to care for the children who, like my friend’s baby, have lost their mother or father, or both parents, to AIDS. The care of these orphaned children becomes the responsibility of the village. But it is the grandmothers who are taking care of their grandchildren. Each household specializes in a particular craft, which is then either exported or sold in a local Massai market. When a dress is sold in Canada, or a basket, or a handbag, or any of the accessories, a child in Africa can eat. I urge my fellow Canadians to help in eradicating the circle of poverty in Africa, and find a cure on this deadly epidemic that is wiping out the beautiful continent of Africa.

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